Welcome to PEAK Stretch Tents

We’re a family business based in Staffordshire and owned by brothers Piet and Ben de Wet. The company is run by Piet and his wife Christine.


Piet has always had an entrepreneurial spirit and starting his own business has been a dream since he was a young boy. He’s the driving force behind the business and committed to making it a success.


Brother Ben is the Managing Director of Outdoor Event Solutions in Cape Town, South Africa. He’s passionate about all aspects of business, from the initial interaction with clients to the final completion of a job well done. His business in Cape Town has been the inspiration behind PEAK Stretch Tents as every outdoor event starts with the outdoor structure. Ben heads up our international business development as he is strategically located near our partners, Nomadik Stretch Tents and Canopies in South Africa.


Nomadik Stretch Tents is one of the largest manufacturers of stretch tents worldwide and has more than 15 years’ worth of experience in the industry.


We are a proud member of Staffordshire Chamber of Commerce as we believe in building our community from within.